School anxiety

I am new. My anxiety levels of being the best and not letting anyone down is at it’s all time peak right now. I exercise and keep track of healthy living which helps tremendously. Right now my school is not letting me sleep, stomach issues, no sleep, and eye twitching. Another outlet is sex. I need it all the time, every time. Not much more I can do to relieve anxiety??

2 Replies

  • I can definitely relate not wanting to let anyone down. Try to concentrate on yourself. Focusing on yourself is not being selfish. By focusing on being the best person you can be, not only are you doing yourself good but also doing good by your family and friends. Stay in the moment and perhaps try meditating. Best wishes.

  • Have you tried omitting caffeine? My anxiety is also super intense and I’ve noticed that caffeine just increases it, so I stopped drinking any caffeinated beverages and it definitely helps!! Also take 5 minutes to yourself, go somewhere quiet and try different breathing techniques, it helps slow down the mind and as you know with anxiety your mind never stops running!

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