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I started to have anxiety and depression 2 years ago since then I’ve been taking different meds and they always gave me side effects my doctor sent me to the psychiatric cause of that, the psychiatric gave PRISTIQ 50 mg by the end of April of this year and she recommended me to go to a therapist, and I did, I started going by the end of July, and they are not really helping me, the psychiatric told me to take 100 mg of pristiq now and the therapist is really trying to help me by giving me tips of relaxation and telling me what can I do to keep myself busy but nothing seems to be helping me, I don’t know what else to do, my depression is not letting me do anything and my anxiety has me so desperate with this thoughts 24/7, I just feel like running away:(

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I feel ya. I'm dealing with near the exact same thing with my 16 yr old daughter. It's been 2 years as well and currently off meds after trying several different ones all with side effects. I hear it's a long haul ahead and what works for someone might not work for another. I've been trying other things with her. Like supplements, essential oil therapy, and other alternative stuff too. Breathing and relaxation techniques, even CBD oil! Just know you are not alone. Try everything and anything. I can't tell you I know how you feel but I see my daughter suffering and it kills me. Be strong and just know that you're mind is stronger than you think. Stay positive and don't give up looking for your treatment.

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I have been suffering with depression and anxiety for most of my adult life. I’ve been on medication before and it worked great until my body became tolerant to it and I could never find anything else that worked for me. I’ve been to several different therapists over the years and I usually have good results there. Some coping mechanisms I’ve learned over the years are trying to occupy my mind with reading or puzzles, breathing techniques are helpful and exercise seems to work the best. Sometimes one of these will work and other times it does nothing, and what worked last time may not work this time, it can be so frustrating. There are still times when I try everything I can to overcome the anxiety but nothing works, it’s those days or weeks are the hardest and I’m thankful that I have a good support system and loving spouse who stays by my side.

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