Lexapro (antidepressant suggestions??)

Hey does anyone have experience with detoxing off Lexapro? I've been off for about two weeks and really thinking about changing my antidepressant but don't know where to start. Lexapro worked well for me in the beginning but I feel like my anxiety and depression are worse right now. It could be b/c I'm coming off cold turkey, but either way, I want to try something different. Anyways, if anyone has experiences that are good with antidepressant's for depression and anxiety let me know!

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  • Also, my irritability has been craaaazy, total mood swings.

  • When i was on the 20mg Lexapro it was a lot of mental detox symptoms. I was definitely irritable and it was harder to relax and get to sleep at night i have a family member who is on lexapro as well and he is really struggling to get off it, but he has been on it for years. How long have you been on it? Is your doctor replacing it with an anxiety and/or depression med for it? I ended up getting on sleeping medication, seroquel which seemed to work once i got the right dose. It was nice because it never made me drowsy the next morning, but it gave me crazy munchies lol, so i am now trying ambien which is nice, but the negatives out weigh the positives, in my opinion anyways. So, my doctor is starting me on a new med next week for sleep. Night time tends to be when my anxiety and depression are at the worst. Always have racing thoughts, my body wants to rest and shut down, but my mind doesnt agree. All the stress and everything from the day piles up then unfortunately when I'm trying to sleep i end up dwelling on it...

  • I completely relate to night time being the worst, I have racing thoughts, feeling like it's the end of the world and I try to be rational, but it's hard. I've been on it two years and I don't have a doctor right now so I'm trying to be set up with a psychiatrist to explore my options. I definitely feel high anxiety and withdrawal symptoms being off it for two weeks now.

  • Lexapro.... Should not be stopped cold turkey. I tried and had side effects. Gradually work down over 3-4 weeks or more. Celexa is a lighter version and may be helpful. Always consult your doctor.

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