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Focus on One Thing

I am new here, and I have only had a few weeks of therapy but I am trying vto get what I can from it.

My therapist said I should try to accomplish one thing so I can feel like I am moving forward.....I guess it depends on where you are but for me I cleaned my bathroom and I felt like I did something worthwhile...for once.

My Chinese horoscope for today:

"Keep your focus on achieving one small task at a time. If you only look at the big picture, you're likely to become overwhelmed..."

It may sound so menial, but we need to take baby steps to feel better, it's just too overwhelming to look at it all at once!

May we all find our own place of peace 🙏🏻

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That's a wonderful way to look at things. Take it one step, one minute, one hour, one day at a time :-)


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