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Seeing things in a different way!!

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I have a new look on life i accept full responsibility for my aniexty its here i created i can end it!!🙋

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Yesssssss I love this!!!!! Just what I needed to hear and see!!!! Thank you for this post!!!

You are so very welcome when i saw this for the 1st time i thought of this group & said yes i have to post this!!

Wow I really like your words. I created it, I can end it. I think I do need to believe that! Thanks!!

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Gloria_carr in reply to Lostjoy

When u think about we did created it & finding out how to deal with it & end should be our journey not encourage it by allowing it to take over our life its not easy its a journey i wish u the best!!

Your totally right I will try and put this into practice when I become a little stronger x

Its not easy but i believe we can with each day little @ a time

Hi Gloria. Thanks for this post girlie. I hope the best for us.

Hey girl & i wish the same for you

Gloria, you rock! You said a great deal in a few words. Only thing I add is we all need others us top, because something set off the anxiety and depression, even if we think we created them. So everyone keep writing to help us determine what was that "something" .

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Gloria_carr in reply to HearYou

You are so right!!💖 i hope they get the picture of what i"m trying to say

I know past trauma layer the foundation for my anxiety and depression. In the present, I have to realize what my triggers are that fuel these feelings. This is what I'm dealing with, talking to these triggers that can make things seem out of control. Some days are harder than others.

Yes some days, weeks even, can be much harder than others. You have insight into your situation when others do not. My best wishes for more better days than harder ones. Take care of yourself first.

Bad days hit me too.

Worked very hard and just did without in order to have as stable a life as possible. Recently I just didn't want to talk to anyone on the phone, particularly solicitors or my sister in law, as she starts a conversation nicely, but always I am waiting to hear what it is she wants to use, or borrow, including money or a car. So I just didn't answer my landline for about 2 weeks. Caused a such a bruhaha like I had killed someone's pet chicken.

But determined that was her hard day to deal with, and not mine and I just needed to take care of myself. Found out later she wanted to come to my house to set up my sewing machine on my dining room table and sew together a blanket she was making. So I guess she felt I had killed her pet chicken, but that was ok with me, as I have had a month of easier days because I just did not answer the phone.:)

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Gloria_carr in reply to HearYou

I left you a private message & thats good for u we have to protect ourself from everybody that has a agenda glad your doing ok😃

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