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How much more can I take?

Before anyone asks yes I have seen doctors and all they try to do is put me on mess that make me a robot.

I left an abusive alcoholic about 7 months ago and I was with him for 6 years. When I left him I felt like I didn't really know who I was or what I wanted out life. Most days I feel lost and so soempty. I have been "dating" this guy for the last 4 months and he lives 8 hours away and we have seen each other 3 times. Now he is wanting to move here and wants me to move in. I am not sure I'm ready for that and it is making my anxiety and depression sky rocket. I'm so scared to tell him I just want to focus on myself and figure out who I am. I feel horrible because I thought I was ready but I'm not and now I don't know how to tell him, and it's just making me feel like a horrible person and I just don't want to exist anymore. I'm feeling pain just because I know telling him I'm not ready will cause him pain.

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Hi well I think it is totally unreasonable to only meet 3 times and for him to expect you to move in with him. It's much too soon. If he wants to move into your area then fine but make sure he understands that it won't be with you.

Otherwise you will just have to tell him you need to know each other better first. If he loves you then he will wait. If not then he isn't worth waiting for anyway. x


You left an abusive alcoholic only a few months ago. You need time to heal. The answer is NO, and check out alanon if you're not already a member.


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