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Not coping with my daughter leaving for university

I'm and at home mum caring for my son who is autistic and has severe anxiety disorder, and my husband is little help a lot of the time due to his problematic drinking. The thing is, I know I'm being selfish, but I just can't seem to get control of the feeling of despair at my daughter leaving. I'm managing to keep it under control around her, as I really want her to have an amazing experience, but I can't sleep more than a couple of hours because I'm crying in my sleep and wake myself with my asthma flaring up in panic. I know this is pathetic, but don't know how to pull myself together? I really need to keep stronger than this for my son.

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My son is moving around the corner and I am sad. I have the right to be sad and so do you. Allow yourself to grieve and no more negative self referent comments, although I am a hypocrite on that. You are obviously neither selfish nor pathetic. It is a new phase and a huge change plus the substantial familial challenges you already have. Your daughter is off to make her way in the world, so well done you! It seems normal to feel that loss to me.

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Thanks, you've made me feel much better. Good luck to you and you son x


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