Clothing for Anxiety Relief

Hello, my name is Su Bin and I am a student from Parsons, majoring in Fashion Design.

I am in my Senior year and as a part of my final thesis, I am planning to design clothes that can help with people who deals with or has dealt with over-anxiety or stress issues.

I used to suffer from anxiety as well. I used to visit therapist, get treatments. I feel like I got better than where I was before but I still cannot forget how I felt at those moments. So I came up with the idea of creating a clothing line that can tangibly help anxiety disorder and it would mean a lot if I can have a chance to interview you get helpful advices that can benefit the design.

I really want to make clothes that can bring true comfort to people and help them relax by wearing them, especially for people who is, or has gone through what I have felt.

If any of you are available to share your thoughts and idea, please send me a private message.

It could be a quick Skype session or if you reside in New York, we can meet in person - however you would prefer works for me. Looking forward to hear back from you!

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  • what a great idea I love the show project runway maybe we'll see you on TV one day ! I'd rather not Skype but I'll just give you a few of my off the top of my head suggestions . I know that fabric , touch softness , coziness helps me to feel less depressed and anxious like when I get into bed at night I have this fuzzy blanket like a stuffed animal and I love it. i'm thinking also items that are easy to put on not a lot of bells and whistle's maybe loosefitting maybe nice colors would make you feel good

  • Hi Yeja!

    Thank you for sharing! I actually saw the study about touch feeling and blanket effect to our body.

    I have a question that with your daily clothes.

    Something like Denim jeans, polyester jackets. It is the most common fabric to wear but do you perceive Denim as comfortable material? or does that feeling bothers you?

  • i wear denim jeans, but denim jackets are bulky and for me i like fabrics that flow more. Some polyesters are fine, also nothing that makes you sweat or wrinkles a lot!!!

  • What about sounds coming from the clothes? Something crisp sounds from windbreaker? I found some research that sound may help also.

    Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.

  • That's an interesting idea. I've done some CB therapy that focuses on touch as a mechanism to self soothe anxiety. So I suggest using materials with a good hand. Something that feels nice on the skin - velvet, raw silk, high thread count cottons etc. love to see the collection you design - keep us posted

  • Thank you for the information!

    I did not know about CB therapy. Did it help you relieving? Also have you used any toy/tools like Stressball where you squeeze constantly?

  • Touch therapy is a great comfort to me - it's basically just another way to keep your mind occupied in order to reduce anxiety. I have a lovely velveteen jacket I wear for holidays - I love stroking it - so I bought some similar material and made my own stress cube out of it- works in place of a stress ball.

  • Hi you need to run this past the site owners before posting it on here. As you will appreciate we get spam on here and whilst I am in no way suggesting this is, it still needs to be run past them first to get their permission to post it. x

  • I had no idea if I had to get a permission. So sorry if this disturbed any of you. I will definitely check with the Site owner.

    Would it be a owner of this group or Healthunlocked itself?

    Sorry and thank you for letting me know!

  • No worries. If you go into 'followers' at the top of your screen (you might need to refresh) you will see the list of admins. Send them a pm and they will come back to you. It might not be today but should by tomorrow.

    The admins have said in the past that they also have to monitor it because they do their own causes on here as well and they don't want it to clash. I also think there are legal reasons too.

    I have reported your post to the admins anyway and they should get in touch with you tomorrow. I am sure it will be ok and they will pass it.

    For what it's worth I think this is a great idea and I look forward to taking part. Take care. Lil xx

  • My daughter is 11 with severe anxiety and this would really help to get her input.

  • Hello. I do not mind giving my two cents! I do not skype as I am not that tech minded- but what a wonderful and original idea! Personally, if I give it thought I like loose fitting, soft clothing like velour or cotton. I especially like soft cotton or velour pants or shorts. I hope to read about you some day!

  • I found your name when I did a search on this site for people in my area and your name showed up. When I read that you're a fashion student I had a twinge of envy, you've got a lot of talent to be able to that.

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