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Depressed Millennials

Hi everyone:

I’m 23 years old and I’ve been majorly depressed for almost 10 years. I have attempted suicide more times than I can count.

I have a 3 year old daughter who is my silver lining.

But ever since she was born, I feel like it has been getting worse. After she was born, I started addressing this problem and actually started getting help. But every medication combination that I have tried seems to knock me down even lower. Each medication failure is like a personal failure to me. It takes so much for me to put that effort in to go to the doctor and collect this medication monthly, and take it everyday just to feel worse.

I’m at the point where I’m just giving up on medication (yes, the first week was hell and I was almost hospitalized).

But it is and always has been so difficult to find any motivation and I’m sure this will not improve by stopping medication.

Does anybody have any suggestions? (Whether it be some sort of medication that won’t put me to sleep or a hobby etc). I have no hobbies which does not help. I just want to keep myself out of this hole without having to go through another failure. Anyone want to discuss what they have tried and what has not/what has worked for them?

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I'm sorry to hear this. Did you have post natal depression? I struggle, not that I have a biological child. I set myself small tasks each day e.g. clear three things from my cluttered table. Would you consider a parents/young parents group to meet friends? I sometimes go to the same coffee shop and have got to know people there. If you have a young daughter I'm sure people will talk to you :) Be honest with your doctor about how these meds make you feel. I may add to this post.


Hi depression is a strange illness where you have no motivation to do anything. You have to do something first to find the motivation to keep going. This is the opposite for most people.

The idea of med is that they will hopefully take you to a happier more stable place where you can concentrate on getting it sorted on a more permanent basis ie counselling.

Have you had any counselling? If not I would ask for it. Remember though that it's not a quick fix and can take time to start helping. x


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