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I am feel depressed and anxious due to the fact that I losing my sight.

I was told that this is normal for my age group, but I have an autoimmune condition. One eye has a floater and I research that the other eye will have one soon. The eye doctors do not do much for floaters. Therefore, I am in a bad state.I do not mean to scare anyone. I am just not feeling good knowing that eventually I have to learn a new life style.

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You are really going blind?

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The floater has something to do with it?

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Yes. floaters are an unraveling of the eye.

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I have had one in my eye for years and optition says it is nothing to worry about

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Thank you. You make me feel a liitle better, but I have them in both eyes and eventually it unravels the eye. The eye doctors do not say anything or do anything. Only one doctor in California helps some patients. The one I went to said when you cannot see then let him know. Thank you once again you have helped my depression a little. I hope I can survive like you.

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Hi I don't understand this either as floaters are very common in older people, and whilst they are annoying they don't threaten your sight It must be something else which is causing your loss of vision.

I can only think of cataracts, age malacular disease, glaucoma, and detatched retinas. There are some diseases which have sight loss as part of them so I presume you have one of these?

I am very sorry anyway but I am surprised you can't get treatment for this. Do you know why you can't? x

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The eye doctor does not see any progression as to receive treatement, but he said if I cannot see then let him know. Every doctor is different. In California there is a doctor that treats floaters, but not all eye doctors treat them. I have might have an underlying disease that is causing or will cause the blindness. However, one doctor says one thing and another doctor in another state says something else regarding floaters.

Thank you for responding. You have helped me feel a little bit better.

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I was trying to see did the dr say she was going blind or did she googled this?

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Ah I reread the post and I see what you mean Gloria_carr x

Sorry to hear that, you will find away to adjust i know right. Now its to early to say you will be ok & enjoy what you have know & what age group are you in & if you want to talk i"m hear its scary going through anything thats unknown alone

I have had floaters in my left eye since I was in my 20's. I'm now almost 60 and it hasn't impaired my vision at all. It can just be annoying at times. Like others that replied to your post I just wanted to reassure you that floaters for the most part are harmless.

Thank you for your reply. You have made me feel a little bit less depressed.

I have had floaters all my life, since I was a child, and am now a (young) senior citizen. Are you sure that you are losing your eye sight? I don't even think about the floaters...they are just there and most of the time I don't even notice them.

Yes. Thank you for responding. The eye doctor told me when I see a cloud or cannot see, then let him know. Also, my condition says that I will be losing my sight. I know everyone says do not worry about floaters, but my other condition may lead to me losing my sight. I am just anxious and depressed for anything happing to my eyes.

Thank you for helping me.

Hi I am still confused. What condition do you have which is causing you to lose your sight? The only one I see you have is floaters in your eyes which are in themselves harmless.

What is the name of your autoimmune disease? Is this causing the floaters and will make you go blind in time? x

Yes, the autoimmune disease can cause blindness. I suppose that is why the eye doctor said, when you cannot see let him know. I do not what to type the autoimmune disease on the computer. There is an underlying reason why I can lose my sight. Otherwise, the eye doctor would not have said if you lose sight let him know. Yes, the underlying illness did cause the floaters.

Sorry to hear this. What is your disease called? Are you having any treatment for the disease itself? Is going blind an inevitable consequence of your illness? x

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