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Hi I've been on antidepressants for 3 weeks now and I'm starting to feel a little better but now I've noticed all I want to do is eat and I'm like I don't care what I eat! But really I do! I'm trying to lose weight but all I'm wanting to do is eat! I know I'm putting weight on and it's making things hard cos it's upsetting me more! My husband doesn't understand why I'm so sad and one off them is my size I just feel like I'm losing all the time and want to start winning

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Sadly a side effect of some anti depressants is weight gain / appetite increase. Please don't stop taking them but do discuss with your GP

Hi, I feel what your saying, I can only reply with my experience and I have ditched the pills, I take herbs n spices for a lift in my mood, I was 3st overweight and nearly diabetic, they helped numb me and gave me a break but I've discovered more helpful ways to help myself, a good diet with plenty of vegetables, a brilliant book called "good vibes, good life" is helping me at the moment, positive music, essential oils, theres no short cut to happiness for me, I practice gratitude, remember I can only really change me and my attitude, I've no power over anything or anyone. We are all on this planet dealing with our lot and we can do it smiling. I dont think anyone has it made, it just looks like they have. I try and get my blood pumping once a day, set wee goals for myself, it's not an easy planet, it's tough. Wishing you well🌹! I can be very serious too which doesn't help lol. We are worth it and can achieve most things we want for ourselves! Depression is everywhere cuz of the design of living, tv, computers, isolation, shit weather, shit food, I can change how I manage it though and wake up.

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Thank you I will try some off them x

Eat small portions and walk around your block every time you eat something. It will perk up your metabolism. Grazing with walking will help. No big meals and no second helpings.

Good luck💛

Thank you I will try that x

It’s true that some antidepressants increase your appetite. Talk to your doctor because you don’t want to replace one source of depression and anxiety with another. Certainly, gaining an average of 20 lbs ( my psychiatrist warned me) is not the best thing for someone depressed already. I wish I knew what to tell you. In my case, I’m a petite woman about 125lbs on the average, all my life. I opted out of the kind of drugs that increase my appetite, no matter what. I cannot stand myself being overweight. I’m now on Zoloft and xanax as needed and I have no weigh related issues.


It’s good you are starting to feel a little better, that’s the main thing.

Unlike you I have lost almost 3 stone, I am on fluoxetine and I have no appetite in the last almost six weeks, I have struggled to eat very little.

I was the same after about three weeks I thought I had a break through, but then I was put onto a higher dose, and all the side effects came back, and it was like starting from scratch again.

I am getting some good days but not completely better.

Feel free to write to me.

Once you get your depression under control you can try to eat more healthy foods, eating lots of fruit and veg, I am sure you will soon lose the weight.

I'm on the same ones but the low dose 20mg they don't make me hungry as such I think it's cos I'm feeling a little bit better I'm not worried as much as I used to be and think Ho i will have a biscuits! And think that little thing won't harm me, but it does and that how it starts, I've Tried other medication but they were no good they made me feel hungry and think about food all the time! I'm worried about what side effects I'm going to get from the tablets and if I feel I'm getting them I stop taking them and then back to square one

That’s strange because I have been on fluoxetine before many years ago, and it was the same for me then, I couldn’t eat and lost lots of weight.

Have you had any side effects at all, that was the worst for me, I had every side effect going.

I also felt as though I was getting better after a few weeks but someone on hear told me it’s the placebo effect, and then I went back to full blown depression ,low mood not feeling happy , and like being in a black hole, and a dark cloud hanging over me, some of those feeling have lifted, but when I get up in the morning I don’t feel so good.

I take my capsules 1 at 8am and one at noon, split dose, if I take them at night it keeps me awake, so advised to take in the morning.

Do you get all good days or some good and some not so good?

I'm getting some side effects off them! My mood is still low some days but I'm much better then what I was, before I couldn't think or do anything I was getting to the point were I was on the way off having a brake down! I take mine at night I also take amitriptyline to help me relax if I didn't take them I crawl the walls all night


Thank you for getting back to me, you said you are on 20m of fluoxetine.

Do you get a few good days and then go back to the low mood again, I feel as though I am getting better but not completely, I can at last eat, it’s been weeks not eating hardly anything, I just can’t get my head around why I feel as though I am getting better and feel happy, and the next day I don’t feel the same, I wouldn’t say the low mood is as bad as it was, but it’s not completely better, I have been on 40m 6 weeks tomorrow, so I would expect to see some improvement soon.

I have asked people on hear if it’s normal to get good and bad days, and how long before it’s all good days, some say it’s normal, I wanted answers from some one, but no one could tell me what happens when the drugs kick in.

I am pleased that you are improving.

Yes I am on 20mg Fluoxetine only been on them 3 half weeks but I'm also on Amitriptyline!

I forgot to say I also take amitriptyline I can take 20m but I take just 10m at night, do you find taking the antidepressant at night effects how you sleep, that’s why they advised me to take it in the morning X

My sleep isnt all that good before so it doesn't make much difference to me but I like to take mine a few hours before I go to sleep

Possibly you will put some weight however you can "trick" yourself . Try small portions and plenty of vegetables / fruit . Save one day of the week so you can eat whatever you want ( pizza, pasta, MC Donald's). Usually fruit does the trick (banana, apple, pear, etc). Your motivation will improve if you feel you are under control. If you can't resist let's say eating a bag of chips don't be sad after all you are human . But try to balance your diet. It is normal a bit of weight gain while on antidepressants however it will settle in time. Also try a bit of exercise ( whatever you like: running, walking, at home etc.)

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Glas17241 in reply to ScottishUK

I will thank you

You are a winner. Food or no food. Skinny or not skinny. You have to look at yourself on the inside. Embrace your self💕

Once you do that-nothing else will matter.

When Im finally calmed down from my anxious mind., at home in front of tv I could eat dinner, than snacks and then a half gallon of icecream.. all in like 2 to 3 hours!!! Its probably really bad to some people.. but I dont care.

I think we all go through this sort of thing once or twice in our lives. I allow my self to have cheat days... and instead of feeling guilty I laugh at how much of a pig I can be. 🙂

Life is too short to care so much about weight! As long as youre healthy.

Yes! Cheat days are important! No discrimination against cheat days! :)

Also very important for your body so you don't have a weird reaction if you decide you want to treat yourself now and then.

That is very true been healthy is more important, just wished I didn't care so much about how I look! I think that's one off my big down falls! Worried about what people think

Unfortunately, we have been wired this way for ages. Constantly comparing. I struggle with this every single day and I know I am not alone. Self-love and acceptance is something we all need to work on. There is always room for growth in that department. Just know that you are loved by all that surround you and if they have loved and accepted you, for you, then you're late to the party! You need to do things for yourself and allow yourself to be authentically you. Just know that you are 1 in a Million. <3 Sending my love.

Hi there!

First of all- You are beautiful as you are.

Second- This happened to me. I was always self-conscious of my weight. When I got on my meds I noticed it wasn't helping with that. Give your meds about 6-8 weeks to settle in. This hunger issue may not just "go away," as mine did not. I found that what REALLY helped me is consistent activity and eating small healthy snacks every two hours between all three meals. This may seem daunting because it requires a little bit of planning and work on your end for consistency, but I promise it works! My suggestion wold be to start up with hot yoga. There are beginner classes you can take to get into the motion and as your body adjusts you will see that you can move into more intermediate classes. Drink LOTS of water!! After 4 months, I was seeing good results and more importantly, I FELT good in my own skin. Yoga helps with depression ad anxiety, as well. So you are hitting all these points, with just one activity. As for the snacks every 2 hours, I suggest baby carrots, string cheese, celery, hummus, raw bell peppers, etc. The snacks shouldn't be too big in size but just enough so your body knows it is consuming something nutritious and yummy. I always pack little snacks like that to munch on during work. Again, water should be your best friend.

Slowly, but surely, you will start to feel better. Just take each day at a time.


I really hope some of this helps you, like it helps me! I have just had to make sure I stay consistent. :)



Thank you Jenn I will have a look at some classes near me! I think it might do me some good to try something new I don't get out very often, I don't like to go out if I don't have to x

I highly suggest this! And the fellow yogis are so nice! I have become close with a lot of instructors and they have been of very, very good help!

I really hope you like it, I swear by it! :)

I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. I have actually told my doctor that I will not take any meds that either make me sleepy during the day or might make me gain weight. There are SO many options, but don’t stop taking your meds until you talk to your doctor.

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I was like that I don't like the side effects but this time round I needed the help I was going down and I was so scared cos I've been to there before and I didn't think I would of come round this time so made sure I got the help first

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That’s good that you got help! That’s most important. Now you can ask about other meds that may have less likelihood of weight gain.

Perhaps your doctor could switch your antidepressant to a different one.

They say, side effects (like cravings for food, drowsiness etc.) subside after a while. I would give it a couple more weeks.

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