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So tired of being a victim to my mind/body

I'm tired of every ache and pain in my body convincing me that I'm going to die or I have a serious illness. I haven't gone a day without this anxiety for almost a month now, and I don't know what to do. Today, I woke up with muscle soreness near my armpit and convinced myself that I was going to have a heart attack and I'm still worrying about it. Does anyone else have health anxiety? I just want to know I'm not alone.

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I definitely do. I truly want to conquer this because staying in fear 24/7 , wallowing in one's anxiety is frustrating & it hurts me emotionally . Every little pain or twinge I feel , I think it's something more. There's been situations where I was racked up in debt with all these hospital bills , it's put a damper on me financially but especially , mentally. I'm so grateful to have ppl who care & can empathize & be there when I freak out . You definitely got it accurate in the title , I , too, feel like a victim to my own body. You aren't alone but we'll get better. Health anxiety puts me in a deep dark hole but I finally want to take steps to get out of it . I currently am dealing with leg aches & going through all these tests to see what's what , but as I go along with these appts , even after I get SEVERAL verifications that serious things have been in fact ruled out , I still doubt. I tend to isolate myself when I go through this though. I feel like a freak BUT hey don't ever think you're alone in this . I can relate to you. I hope the muscle soreness goes away. Truly do. Try & relax & meditate for at least 10 mins. See if it still is bothersome .

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You are not alone. There are many of us here with the same thoughts and feelings.

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I found that my anxiety cause me to have aches and pains that I had never had before. The times that I the thumping of my heart and a pain in the middle of my chest was worrying but I knew it was only my anxiety and stress,

When I am stressed my muscles get so tense that I can wake up in the morning and find I am unable to move my head because I have a stiff neck.

It is amazing how anxiety and stress can cause so many different things to have with your health. I now know that all the sore stomachs and flu like symptoms that I suffered with and that were put down to just the latest virus that was doing the rounds because the blood tests didn't show anything was more than likely caused by anxiety and stress and my body's way of trying to tell me that something was wrong.

I am now reviewing my eating habits and also looking into my exercise plans to ensure that I keep my body healthy and at the same time making sure I keep up with the meditation and other exercises I am doing for my mind.

I am taking up old hobbies again and looking into interests I did when I was younger for some reason or other stopped to see if I can use then to help me stay relaxed and keep my mind active.

I stopped watching soap operas many years ago because I knew they were having an effect on me because the story lines all seemed to be one disaster after the other and so depressing.

They say that if you take care of the body that helps the mind and vice versa.

Now that I have gone through this horrible period of anxiety and depression I can see that we really need to take care of both our bodies and minds.


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