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Tension all over pain

Somehow I don't feel depression is causing all my pain. I wake up everyday stiff all over. My back hurts and legs and arms don't want to do anything. Pelvic pain every morning. My legs feel swollen and walking is hard when I first get up. Arms feel like they have been twisted until sore. I can relax my legs at all. They stay so tense when sitting or lying down it feels like my legs are clinching like clinching teeth witch I also do. I just don't understand this pain. I'm on sertraline 150 mg for depression but seems my muscle tension is getting worse

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I meant I can't relax at all. Even in my sleep I am not relaxed. I can feel the tension. Try to relax with no response. Is this really from depression? I don't see how


It does sound like you have a lot of muscles tension...maybe you should try magnesium oil to see if it helps?

And as for the pelvic pain... it would be good to see a chiropractor, I get pelvic pain but it is because my pelvis it out of alignment and it can be a fairy simple fix :) pelvis misalignment is also a pretty common thing


Have been looking magnesium oil but can’t find it. I have thought about trying chiropractor. How many visits did you need. Very expensive and my insurance doesn’t cover. Will have to find a way if it’s not too many visits. Thanks


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