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Hi there....just wanted to introduce myself. I have suffered from depression for many years. Last October I decided to become medication free....not sure if this was a right choice. It's been up and down, but overall I wanted to try more natural approaches. Anyway lately I'm feeling like I need to connect with others because the anxiety can be overwhelming at times. I look forward to sharing with others.... thanks for having a site like this.

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  • Welcome aboard Pru! I hop you will find some good information here, as well as good people to help you out.

  • Hi pru

    I'm also new here and am trying to connect. It seems like a really good place to do so. How are you today?


  • Thanks everyone....I'm doing ok and I'm grateful that I have always been able to function ( go to work, do my errands,etc) But I want to move forward beyond functioning and be able to feel hopeful and joyful. It's be so hard....

  • Welcome, Pru. We will fight together and get through this journey together. I am like you, depressed but somehow functional, yet struggling inside. Looking for going beyond this level! I miss that old happy ME

  • Hi Georgia, nice to meet you....do you sometimes feel like you are putting on a "act"? I do.....I appear to be a happy person, yet inside I am either empty, frustrated or resentful. Turning to many spiritual teachings which has helped

  • Please tell me how you became medication free? I feel so trapped by medication and the ups and downs. I feel like a hostage in my home because every time I leave it I get the worst anxiety attacks that just take over my whole body causing me pain.

  • I was very stupid to go cold turkey....typically, you are supposed to be weaned gradually... I just wanted to be free of altering my brain chemistry...still not sure if I made the right choice. Some days are fine others not so much....please make sure you understand all the facts... there are some supplements that sometimes help me, but everyone is so individual

  • My Dr took me off 175 mg of wellabutrin, 150 mg of effexor, 3 mg of clonazapam and 5mg abilify then replaced it with 6mg of clonazepam and 37.5mg of effexor. It's been so up and down I have a melt down cry for a bit then I'm ok but it all seems to start with an anxiety attack starting. Which I don't think I should have with so much clonazepam in me. Any natural suggestions would be welcomed.

    I know the first 3 weeks of this change over for me was horrible I can't imagine how you did it cold turkey. You must be a very strong person.

  • I was on only one medication-Cymbalta.....but it was very hard and very stupid for me to do....

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