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Angel in my sky

Angel in my sky

Angelic voice behind beauty true

How I sure really miss you

Head is wound tight

And my mind isn't right

I miss the smiles you put on my face

I miss the going to that happy place

I understand you, you get me

Your voice sets my mind free

From the day to day struggle i find

From the serious problems in my mind

That one voice, the multiples of text

Made me look forward to the day after next

What is it about her that makes me smile

And haven't even known her a long while

That angelic voice that took away the pain

That angelic voice that brightened the rain

I tend to scare away the best

But I can't handle the rest

No sleep, no smile, no more happy place

Maybe it went too fast a pace

I have sat in place and asked why

That angel appeared in my sky

Was it fate, was it luck was it true

All I know is that angelic voice I miss you

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