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I don't feel like myself

i feel out of myself, who am i, where am i, why am i here, what should i do, should i follow my primitive needs, should i let my mind speak and expose myself to more, should i live an insignificant life, or should i make my life amazing knowing im insignificant, there is no meaning to anything, i could just die, anytime, did i waste my life, did i live insignificantly.... i have a head ache...

i feel confused and i just don't understand... i dont have motivation, i dont have a purpose, i have a goal, but i question whether i do it for me or for someone else. i dont know how to do things for me, i know how to do things for other people... i say it's what i want but is it really? i dont know

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Wow. You are thinking everything anyone has ever thought. No wonder you're overwhelmed. I would be surprised if any human being could figure all of that out in a lifetime, let alone all at once. You're not meant to know all of that at this very minute. I certainly don't have the answer. I'm not a particularly deep person but I believe there is a great deal of meaning in any number of small things. When I've been down some random person would pay me a small kindness and it meant the world to me at that moment - they were significant to me without even knowing. All you can do for now is follow your instincts and do the next best thing. What feels right to you right now. Keep doing that and let it lead you. When your heart is in the right place you will matter even if you're not aware. Sorry, looking back that takes care of others. What do you want for yourself and what do you need to do to get it? Following your goal and being your best self helps everyone in the long run


I think so many of us feel exactly how you've expressed.

Scary isn't it?


This sounds very much like depersonalization. Which is really quite common with anxiety or depression. You sound overly stressed and this is a culprit. Take some "you" time and try to relax and regroup.. if this has been going on for awhile maybe some lifestyle changes are in order . Watch your diet , high sugar foods and drinks , fast food, and high fat foods are what to avoid . I need to keep telling myself that . Limit the caffeine , and exercise a lot. They say even a short jog can help with those symptoms . If you ever need to talk I'm here for you . Trust me I've been there ! ❤️😁☺️


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