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Smart phones and mental health

Are smart phones part of the problem? This news piece talked about the negative side effects of social media and other compulsive habits like texting and checking email. I try to set boundaries for myself but often fail. This is not a problem just for teens. I can relate. I need to break some habits as part of my self care tool kit. Good story


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I used to have my phone switched on all the time and even kept it next to my bed, until I became ill. I now leave my phone down stairs and switch it off at night. I re-organised my bedroom so that the only electronic gadget in my room is my alarm clock. My ex liked to have a large TV on the wall and his computer console set up in the bedroom, but that has all gone. I find I sleep so much better having made those changes.

I don't carry my phone with me all day and make sure I put it in a bag or on a table when I am in the house.

I also make sure that I switch off my computer an hour before I go to bed so that I have time to relax and read a book before I go to sleep.

I think we do spend too much time on computers and phones and have lost some very good skills. I have gone back to some of the crafting I did when I was younger and am really enjoying it. I limit my time on social media as I think it can be a bit impersonal and people don't realise how hurtful their comments can be and some seemed to just write things without thinking of the consequences.

Thanks for posting the news article. :-D

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Good tips and advise. My attention and focus is really starting to suffer. It can be addictive. I go through good phases then I will binge out and fall into bad patterns. It's a self sabotage and avoidance pattern. The social media leaves me comparing myself w others, frustrated and passive aggressive. Telling on myself here helps. Good luck ✌️


I agree and do the same thing. Always compare myself to other people on social media. Even tv effects me a lot I try to avoid the news

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I'm probably older than you 59 and remember when no one had smartphones. We would have laughed if someone said we'd carry around a computer in our hands that connects is to the www and only our own tribe. No one talks to each other anymore. I think it's impossible to make friends now. Everyone has a pretend life on social media. This is actually my very first foray into it. Everyone needs to turn them off sometimes. Read a book. Not Kindle a real book. Talk to someone if you can get anyone to. It's pretty hard these days.


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