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Anxiety & high blood pressure

First time Poster, i'm female 47 & went in for well exam. Found out my BP was high & I had been fighting anxiety because I already had in my mind my BP would be high. Doc put me on metoprolol 50 mg & although my BP is lower I am a mess. Anxiety is worse & now I have no appetite & I'm depressed. I also have insomnia. Problem is I don't know if this is from the meds or my anxiety of high BP, that's the problem even with the high BP, what came first? BP or anxiety?

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Hi and welcome to the forum :)

Every body may not respond in the same way to the same medication.

If you have had normal blood pressure readings prior to experiencing anxiety as I did, then anxiety has pushed up the BP readings.

Some people using metoprolol have experienced depression. It isn’t known whether their depression was actually caused by using this drug. If you already experience depression, this drug may make it worse.

Depression is always serious, so talk to your doctor right away if you experience it while taking metoprolol. The other symptoms your mentioned need to be addressed as well.


Thank you for your reply. I have a call into my doc. Not sure if I should fully go off BP meds & work on an antidepressant for the anxiety or switch to a different BP med. ive been fighting anxiety since June w/no meds. I've tried St. John's wort but it made me awful, I just don't do well w/any stimulants. I just want to go back to normal, before June when life was happy & ordinary......

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Adding onto what Hidden said: "if" the higher blood pressure is due to weight & lack of exercise, there is a ton of research (and I've experienced it myself) where exercise can reduce anxiety & depression. If your experiencing high BP plus anxiety & depression, exercise can help with all at once :)

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