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What works for you?

I had a situation a few months ago that triggered some pretty sever anxiety in my life. I have been dealing with it ever since. I have always had a low level of anxiety, but have always been able to deal with it pretty well. I am curious what helps others? I went to my Dr. and he gave me Ativan to sleep and Celexa. Was scared to start the Celexa after reading all the side effects but after a month I decided to try it. The first week was so awful with side effects I couldn't continue. Nausea, awful headaches, feeling completely off, dry mouth, blurred vision. I am under the care with an acupuncturist with treatment and herbs, which does help some. Taking Ativan occasionally to sleep. I am currently researching into therapy with a psychiatrist. Would love to connect with others to just chat and encourage each other during our bad times. Any advice on things that helped you would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi KolaineDee,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I had something similar happen to me. I was on a date in March and all of a sudden my anxiety was triggered. Each day since then it has felt like my diaphragm is paralyzed and I cry over every little thing. I agonize about the future and feel like I have to prepare for every possibility, no matter how unlikely.

I am seeing a counselor but I'm thinking about switching as I don't think she's helping me like my last therapist did. I'm also talking to my doc about swapping my antidepressants. I was on Prozac, which did a decent job on helping me to manage my anxiety, but I hated the side effects. I'm back on Celexa, and while I don't have any side effects, I don't feel like it helps with either my anxiety or depression. One thing that has helped me in the past was to weigh it the likelihood of something bad happening. For example, I'm currently worried over losing my job. The likelihood of that is maybe 5-10%. Then I'll just remind myself of that each time I start to panic about that concern. I also remind myself that I am strong enough to handle it should something bad ever happen. You need to remind yourself of that too. Someone on here reminded me that we never feel strong enough and then when something happens, we just find the strength and push through.

I would suggest you continue what you've been doing and try to find reassuring things to say to yourself (out loud, because that seems to be more powerful). PM me if you need support of need to talk.




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