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Ready to give up!

I am so over it all, sometimes I just want to scream. I don't have a car and live 35 miles from the nearest town with any possible doctors who could possibly help,then if I don't find one to take me theres a 60 mile drive1way to where I can be seen so I'm really at a loss. 2 of my grown children don't or won't even talk to me, the oldest lives in the same town but we dont hardley ever see one another,she came up to me in a grocery store & said Mom you passed me 3 times & didn't even speak (neither did she) until she tapped me on the shoulder. I told her its sad when you live in such a small town that no more than I see her I didn't even recognize her.To me that is so sad. I realize they have there own lives to live,but I just don't understand how you can not see your mother & then expect her Mother (me) to even know what she looks like.She just got remarried,I was not invited but her father who never paid a dimes child support or ever had anything to do with her is now #1( of course he was invited) I worked 3 jobs to raise my kids and this is what???? Repayment? I'm at a total loss. What is really going on? I lost my mother 2 yrs ago & my oldest (the one that just remarried for the 3rd time) got everything,me & my other 2 daughters (her sisters )Nothing. She even went so far as to get the attorney to tell me that no matter what I would never see the will or get a copy. What is really going on with our children in this day & age? I quit my job & sold everything I owned to come here from the state in which I was living to care for my mother,12yrs and this is how I'm treated? Yes, I am depressed & have alot of anxiety over all this not counting I just got thru going thru breast cancer,surgery,chemo & double radiation, & people wonder why I am depressed.Who wouldn't be?

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I'm so sorry you have gone through all this, being a mom sometimes hurts, I don't like if I don't se mine for even a few days , and he is grown.

I suggest if you are talking about past hurts about their father when you are with your children , that might be what's pushing them away. Just let them know that you just want to enjoy and be a part of their lives . Try and let the past hurts go. God Bless


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