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So sometimes we all have particularly bad days, but so many people have came up to me when I cry or so thing happens and it's visible but they say "I know how you feel"

It really ticks me off.

I just feel like saying oh so you know what feeling completely empty and sometimes overwhelmingly sad every day feels like you know the feeling of being happy because you haven't cut in a day?

If you are on here you probably know what I'm talking about but am I crazy or does this make you mad to?

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So sorry- that phrase is annoying because they aren't really stopping to listen nor are they showing much empathy. They are really just saying oh you're crying I do that too.

I cut also - and I'm so glad you haven't in a day! That's a victory. Why do you cry, or do you know? It's hard for me to identify a reason so feel free to say you don't know. Sometimes it's like I can't get anything together and other times it's people being mean or short with me.


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