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Xanax for my anxiety but it's causing major issues with my man. Need advice please!!!!

I am prescribed .5mg of Xanax twice a day to help manage my anxiety. I've had issues with them in the past but have gotten better at taking them like I should since last month except for this past week. I had to babysit my nephews along with my own 3 year daughter from Monday through Thursday 9am to 9pm. Since its been so hot lately, other family members and their children showed up plus friends of all the kids and my sister's. I was so overwhelmed with anxiety that I took more meds than I should have just to cope for the week. My man asked me what was going on with me so I told him everything which sent him in a rage Thursday night. We are trying to find a way to handle this but he doesn't believe I really have anxiety even though a doctor wouldn't have prescribed me Xanax if I didn't have it. My man asked me to find a support group/Meetings by Monday so I joined here on Friday. I am not sure what to do about this whole situation with my man and need some help please.

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Forget about your "man" for a minute....the Xanax is a serious concern. Get hold of your doctor and tell him the dose amount you changed with the Xanax and when and when you switched back to the prescribed RX dose. Hunt that doctor down if you need to.....Posting on weekends is such a pain because the doctors aren't usually in their offices.

I had two gran mal seizures over a year ago because I accidently screwed up my Xanax by not taking it properly. Was in the hospital for three days. And with a fracture vertibrae from my collapse to the wood floor.

Please get hold of your doctor, has answering service, the doctor on call, whatever. I'm serious about this.


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