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Anxiety like nightmare


Hi,MY name is Dani and I am having very strong anxiety every day for the past 2 months. I'm feeling culpable because I'm not doing anything with my 12 years old for vacation. I'm feeling exhaust all the time, I don't want to get out of bed I'm afraid to get out from the house, my body feels weak i lost 5 pounds in two weeks and I don't know what to do. I'm having like 5 hours of sleep every night and when I wake up is like a nightmare of anxiety. My body shakes I breath with difficult and I don't want my kid sees me like that. I need to came back to work next week and a I am afraid. Help

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Hi Dani43, sounds like your having a really tough time with your anxiety, I know just how awful and frightening anxiety symptoms can be and I know how sometimes staying in bed seems the best option, it feels safe etc, but the problem then becomes much worse as on top of an already anxious, over sensitized mind your body will produce other symptoms due to lack of exercise/movement/mobility etc, without thinking to far ahead, you must try and get your mobility going, try spending time out of bed, gradually build up to going in the garden for short periods, just one step at a time, don't add pressure to your tired mind by forcing yourself to do too much straight away, get a copy of "Dr Claire Weekes" book it will explain things for you xxx

Dani43 in reply to suzie482

Thank you for your advice, still strong and scary but I'm fighting for. I returned to work, I explain to my boss and I'm starting with therapist.. Step by step.

have you seen your regular doctor or a psychiatrist?

Dani43 in reply to molbr47

Yes, but I feel worse with the medicines that he gave to me!

Hi Dani43 - Thank you for sharing.

I am very sorry for these anxieties and feelings you are dealing with. As someone with similar feelings, I too know what it feels like to be exhausted, shaky and constantly guilty in a sense.

My advice to you is to try to hang in there. I guarantee you have more strength then you are even aware of. Sometimes time is the best cure and these feelings and emotions exhaust themselves and fade away. It may seem impossible but I promise with time you will grow stronger and regain control - giving you the confidence to tackle this anxiety.

Best of luck to you!

Dani43 in reply to GoldStarHero

Thank you so much, I'm fighting for and trying to be strong day by day!

Hi .... I use to hide it from my child. I use to dread the holidays cause I would feel o needed to enjoy them, but instead I would be battling anxiety. Have you been to your gp. Don't be scared of medication ... why should you suffer .... medication will eventually train your brain to receive the happy chemicals, where your confidence will grow, and anxiety will lesson. Takes normally about two to three weeks to start lifting out of it .... be patient with yourself, and my Gp told me if I need to rest I must do so until the meds kick in.

After years of anxiety bouts , as it comes and goes with life's stresses, I have recently refused to hide it from my boss. The fear can worsen anxiety ... when worrying about how u going to cope in work. I would explain to your boss that you have been a private matter at home and it has left you stressed and you are now working on recovery. It's the law now to support mental health as well as physical health. We deserve the support. It's a battle good luck to you ! 🍀

Dani43 in reply to Heidi1066

Thank you so much, and I talked to MY boss too and she completely understood,, she told me that her husband has the same problem and offered me love and help. It was so nice to talk , I'm still hiding from my kids but I will find a way to tell without scaring them to much.

Heidi1066 in reply to Dani43

Good luck Dani43, we all with you on this x

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