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Stress Rash


I am dealing with stress rash right now. I was wondering if anyone else has had any experiences with this and if so, what were they? Additionally, were you treated for it in any way and what was the duration.

I've been panic-free for the past few years but have been dealing with some extremely stressful issues this past few weeks that's brought on periods of high anxiety. I'm disappointed that my anxiety has chosen to manifest itself once more but also grateful that it's done so in this way. I could be in worse condition. My rash comes and goes daily, appearing and disappearing within hours at the worst possible times and causes further anxiety because of the embarrassment. I have an upcoming appt. with my GP to see what treatment can help with the symptoms other than the obvious coping with the stress and anxiety. As for treating the rash itself, I've been using otc maximum strength Cortizone which helps relieve the itching. I have had to utilize my arsenal of coping skills and realize episodes such as this will come along even after we've learned to control our anxiety. Thank goodness I have those skills or I would slowly sink into depression and agoraphobia as I've done in the distant past. Sorry for the length of this post . . . I appreciate this community and look forward to any comments. Peace . . .

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I can't say I've ever experienced that, nor do I have any knowledge to share on how to deal with it. I just wanted to commend you on the positivity you're bringing to the experience. I'm inspired by your attitude and will keep you outlook in mind when I find myself in the throes of anxiety. Thank you for your example

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Thank you so much . . . I appreciate your reply and kind words. Peace . . .

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