hate being here right now

lost in my thoughts are going a mile a minute as i sit here at work listening to people joyful banter of there summer plans. making me feel a bit lonely and my anxiety really bad i cant seem to sit still my breathing really fast im trying to be stay under control. i feel like running and not stopping to look back. screaming and crying sounds good right now too.

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  • You can get through this Jewlz. Just take slow deep breaths. Life won't always be like this. Things will get better.

  • im doing my best not to have another melt down or run off. my friend suppose to pass by and see me hopefully the distraction and company might help calm me down.

  • I know it can be tough. It's really an internal battle with our mind. You have to realize that ultimately you are in control. You choose how to react to your thoughts and feelings. Be gentle with yourself. Be patient. Don't forget to breath. I'm going to try and find a link about some helpful info. Give me a minute.

  • i feel like imm going nuts with this battle i know ill be okay eventually and i have the control im just so exhausted but thank you

  • Check out this article. Mindfulness can be a very helpful and powerful tool.


  • awesome..thank you gentlegiant.

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