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Resetting a decent sleep schedule

So after losing my job, I have completely gone off track with sleep. It's nearly 3am which means I won't drag my body out til 11 am or noon. I need to be getting ready to move but I'm constantly fatigued - even took a 3 hour nap a few days ago After I'd already slept 10 or so. Advice?

Try for sleep one hour earlier - some nights I succeed but others is like this 3am post? Get up one hour earlier for 2 days? Part of the sleep is that while Nortriptyline doesn't make me feel real tired - it seems to last too long? Like I will wake up and usually 5 more minutes doesn't hurt but one day 5 min turned into an hour and didn't even feel like an hour. Anyone else overcome what feels like sheer laziness? Tips that help you get up when it's only you in house and no job to get to - I keep saying I'll go for coffee but that is never much of a treat.

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