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Feeling a bit better

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Hey wanted to let you all know we made it safely to my in-laws. My anxiety is a bit better, just relaxing today. Plan on doing some hiking this week & going to the local breweries-in Orengon. Han Solo is having fun with his "cousins"- they have a pup & cats . The dogs get along, which is good. I'll have to post a photo of the boys later. Hope everyone is enjoying their day.πŸ’›

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I'm glad, whose are the animals pictured there? Lovely. The breweries sound good :)

melbrown in reply to mysmugcat

The pup is my dog Han Solo, the cat is Zac, he belongs to my in-laws. Hans was confused, Betsey (our cat) never snuggled with him.



very good to hear good news from you. Hope you really have an enjoyable stay. You sounded relaxed just from your post and the photo of the pup and cat.......and they even looked chilled out. Have a great hike tomorrow and wish you warm and sunny day with a slight breeze.

We will be in Nassau early tomorrow and our anniversary day was very good. We just kept thinking we had forgotten to do something before taking the 2-hour drive to the port....then we realized Scooter isn't with us, so many of the things we needed to do to have him with us on the ships were making us feel that way. The large photo of his photo taken with the lovely floral arrangement sent to us from the president of Royal Caribbean International (Cruise Lines) is affixed to the outside door to our stateroom. Six bottles of wine and chilled champaign have been delivered to our stateroom from the heads of different departments. I would like take all of them home to bathe in..., but all the wines are reds..... :)

melbrown in reply to Hidden

Hi PTSDforyears! Happy anniversary! I am glad you are enjoying yourselves selves, even if you are missing Scooter. That is so sweet of the crew to do all that for you. Hope you raised a glass of champagne to Scooter. Don't think bathing in wine is a good idea... much better for drinking. 🍷 Enjoy your vacation. πŸ’›

Hidden in reply to melbrown

Thank you so much!

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