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Trying to get better


I am no longer going to let anxiety, OCD and PTSD run my life. I have always ignored my problems because I was embarrassed and simply thought that my disorders would just disappear if I pretended that they weren't there. But that DOES NOT WORK. I have finally learned to accept the fact that I suffer from these disorders. Now all I want to do is get better. I have been seeing a therapist every week and am starting medication soon. I've also been doing little things such as congratulating myself for small accomplishments (even if it's as simple as getting out of bed and making lunch), I congratulate myself to make myself feel important and productive.

Also, throughout the years I've trained my mind to only think of negative things/outcomes/ideas so to help that I've been writing a lot. I write a situation that I am facing and the thoughts I have about it (which are always negative) then in another column I write the positive thoughts that I could have about this situation. This is helping tremendously because I am starting to see the potential positives in situations.

Yes, I still feel lost and overwhelmed but I just cannot deal with this on my own anymore and it is time that I get better. If anyone else has any other tips feel free to let me know or message me !! Talking to people is the best therapy.

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Allyson, you are very inspiring. I also have OCD, anxiety and depression. I am on meds and seeing a therapist. You are so right to be open with them. Then they can heal.


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