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I'm taking everything around me, down with me


my school, work and social life has gone to shit because of my social anxiety. I feel everything I do is wrong and that everyone is judging me. One of the biggest pains I endure is seeing how I hurt my significant other by lashing out at him for MY internal self loathing and pain when he is nothing but the best, most amazing and supportive partner anyone could ever ask for. I want help so bad but I feel so unmotivated and can barely move in the mornings, that I fear I'll never get help.

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Hi I am so sorry to hear that look up you tube for postive affirmation and mediation

This is what I did. Found a psychiatrist, went on meds. Life is much better now. Social anxiety levels continue to drop and I can enjoy life much more than before.

bluebayou in reply to hannah821

Awesome! What kind of medication did you get put on?


avasquez071390, I feel you pain and frustration. My partner left me last week after 10 years. While I know she still loves me, she just could not cope with my withdraw from life. While I do not take full responsibility for her moving out, I do recognize the fact that I made she and school my only focus. As a result I became to dependant and needy because my anxiety and depression hold me captive. I am heartbroken and scared and at a lost for what to do next but at the same time I know I want and need help. Having utilized this and other forums and reaching out to family has helped me coupe with the loss and rejection I feel.

Please, know that support is out there in the way of friends and family and that you need to seek it, for your self and relationship. We need to love ourselves if we are to be loved. I wish you strength.


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