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Want peace


Greet you all

This is my first time here, thank you for allowing me join you. Have been suffering with generalized anxiety disorder for now more than two years having social fobia, wanting so much to have friends but failing to make it. Even where I stay, am seeing my relationship with others not healthy at all. When I motivate myself to work harder, helping others in need, it turns out like total pride wanting to step on others, I see as if people hate me. my past two years are the hardest in my life yet am 28 years. I have record of taking cocaine in 2010-2011 but luckily the Lord Jesus saved me in July 2011 & I got healed of it. Sometimes I think it's the cause of the problem but again my sister following me has also been attacked with similar problems, could it be biological? But she also at one time used drugs before the Lord Jesus saved her in 2010. some times I call it sins and I repent but at times I see it is abnormal. Now I walk with flouxetine tablets when ever the situation worsens I take a tablet and get some relief. It is hard to complete a day without extreme thoughts, can I get well and happy?

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