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New to site with axienty/panic attacks

Hi everybody, my name is ginnie. I just got out of the hospital with stroke like symptoms. Conclusion i have come to find is i have really high axienty attacks that make me feel unease. I have not been to doctor yet to be put on medication for it. I need better ways i can cope until i can get in to see a doctor. I am alone with 2 kids every night and these attacks scare me. Can anyone give me some ideas to help?

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When I have panic attacks I take long hot showers. They help me calm down and think rationally. Also try keeping some of your favorite things around you for comfort. Like a soft blanket to wrap yourself in, your favorite candy, your favorite smell, and your favorite music. Have something for all of your senses so that you are only surrounded by comfort. Also try to do yoga if you realize your getting anxious. I hope this all helps and I'm very sorry about your situation. Best wishes!


Thank you, its been rough because when this all started monday night i thought i was having another stroke. Im not quiet sure why all the sudden these are hitting me. Ive never had them before now. Then i went to hospital a couple of days ago they were treating it like stroke like symptoms. So ive been released and same symptoms keep recurring where i feel anxious and somethings wrong. I really dont know how to shake them when they occur. I start pacing and everything. I cant get to reg doctor until july. And im not even sure they can prescribe me with meds for nerves


I have found relief from similar symptoms using mindfulness meditation. You may find Tara Brach's approach useful - check out her book Radical Acceptance. When the anxiety comes in hot (your mention of pacing in panic really hits home for me), slowing down and focusing on controlled deep breathing is helpful for me.

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I have been using this quiet a bit. And it seems to help a little. I have never experienced these feelings before and they make me nervous with 2 kids and no other adult around.


First of all, you made a great first step in helping yourself by joining this site, where you will not only recieve all sorts of great advice, but also, where you can read about similar experiences that will help you ease your mind a bit. Anxiety and panic disorder comes with host of different symptoms that will definitely make your mind race with negative thoughts, but as soon as you realize that they are do to anxiety, you will learn to take better control of them. In my own experience, keeping my mind busy and avoiding moments or situations where I was alone really helped me a great deal. I would not give my mind the time to stop and think in the symptoms I was experiencing. I would keep myself occupied by creating a daily routine that had me doing something continously, such as, working, eating, doing excercise, hobbies, meditation or learning something new. Also, and something that I found to me very important and beneficial was to eat a well balanced diet and keep myself very well hydrated. Keeping your body well hydrated really helps you think and function much more clearly, which in turn, will lower your level of stress and anxiety. Many people overlook just how important it is to keep yourself well hydrated, even I did, but once I started and felt the big difference that it can really make, I have never been without a bottle of water beside me again...


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