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Safe place?

Does anyone else have safe and non safe places in their home when they have anxiety? My bedroom is an absolute non safe place that just breeds the worst of my thoughts. My bathroom is the only place in my house that has a working lock on the door and that's my safe place. I like sitting on the floor. Tile is cold and grounds me somehow. It's big and echoey but the space feels good too. It's no miracle worker for anxiety attacks but I prefer to be here more than anywhere else. Anyone else want to share their safe or not safe places?

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Yes I have a safe space. I have agoraphobia and it's excruciating to drive or leave my room. I hate myself bc I feel like it's my fault. But you aren't alone.

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My son also used to use bathroom as his safe place.


Certainly. There are rooms in our house I can't stand. However I have learned to try to make those areas more cozy or comfortable. It has helped but I am not cured...


I have safe places and houses. My kids Grandparents house my bathroom and lately it's been my bedroom I'm in the process of moving and I hate clutter so my house is a mess as it makes my anxiety worse I will literally mop my floor 3 x a day I thought maybe this was OCD behaviors because I wash clothes everyday I clean consistently I wipe my kitchen counters at least 10x a day but my therapist says these are coping mechanisms sometimes I not realize I'm doing it unless my kids are like Mom you did it already like 5x


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