Im looking and trying to support other

Im looking and trying to support other

I suffer from depression anxiety and panic attacks have been for years been in depression since i was small im on meds and they kinda balance me but my head is still lije a roller coaster ups and downs with unique little twist. But i just wanna tell everyone in this group ill do my best to be here for snyone who wants or needs help i found that the more i try to hrlp others the less my stress and anxiety are so to everyone out there im herefor you as much as your here for me god blessyou all

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  • Thats what I love about this site! All here for eachother! On a side note, are you a metalhead as well? :D

  • I am to a point just depends on how good the music is lol. Long live rock baby lol

  • Haha! Yeah I very much a metalhead, prefer heavy metal! Good taste! ;)

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