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I can't believe this

I struggled with depression for years. Got worse when I became physically disabled but still able to do most things. I was poisened levaquin antibiotic 9 months ago..home bound unable to walk since. No family in Dothan. No friends as we had just moved here 1 year ago. Now major depressive disorder that keeps me from everything. Even on a good day have no where to go or anyone to see. Spouse works out of state in Florida. How much more of this I don't know

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Wow! Does this stink!! What a mess this is!! You need to get out and MAKE some friends! That's the only way I see to get through this. What do you think about that?

I know, it's really hard when you don't feel good at all, but what else can you do? Import some friends? Yeah, you can do that, you really can. But after that, what do you do? How do you get by?

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Dothandown, I am so sorry to hear of your anguish. Is there something Drs. Can do for you? Do you have a good therapist to talk to? That would be helpful. I have major depressive disorder too. With anxiety and OCD. I really hope someone can help you. Prayers for you.



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