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Anxiety Dizziness

I am new to this site and so far its nice reading others experiences. So back in October of 2016 I lost my great-grandma, we were super close and I had not seen her in a year because my family lives in California and I moved to Washington State, so I wanted to see her one last time before she was cremated. So I saw her and that kinda haunted me for awhile and caused a lot of anxiety. Then about a month ago in the beginning of May 2017 we had to move apartments and ever since then I have had my anxiety escalated to the point where I am physically being affected, like dizziness, nauseous, and off balance. It is making me feel lost, confused, and trapped like I cant escape and go back home to California because I am too scared to fly and too scared to make the 15hr drive. I need help on what to do to manage this because this is a new anxiety experience for me, I used to have panic attacks that were only quick and sudden but this is NON STOP dizziness/off balance/cant focus. I have been on Zoloft for over a year and it was helping but not so much anymore.

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The best treatment I found for anxiety/panic is to visit a psychologist who can give you valuable tips for managing your anxiety and for talking through what causes it in the first place.

You may require a different type of medication to support you, it's worth paying your doctor a visit.

My primary care doctor was uncomfortable changing medication or adding a second one so he asked me to consider a referral to a psychiatrist who I still see for medication management.

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Perfect! I just scheduled an appointment today to see a therapist next week!


so what happened ? I have the same thing I also suffer from derealization so it fucks up my vision with brain fog but in my country ( Luxembourg) no one seems to get along with anxiety. I need help. Let me know If u got better


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