Spring Abyss

Hi, my name is Vito and I have suffered the last 2 months from the worst anxiety episodes i have had in my life. I assume this was triggered by the death of my younger cousin, along with everything else life piled on at the time. I have had 3 anxiety episodes in my life now that usually last for 2-3 months everyday and go away. My question to everyone is if they get something similar? I am so laid back, then all of the sudden these have popped up and ruined me for 2-3 months.

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  • Hey Vito! I was wondering if you could describe these episodes to me a little more so that I can better understand. Those stress factors and your cousin's death sound like they were extremely terrible and traumatic events, and I'm sorry that they happened. They definitely could have brought on your anxiety to an extreme degree. I have found myself becoming more anxious in the past 3-4 months or so because of different stress factors in my life, and I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with it.

  • Well, this is the 3rd time it has happened in my life. Once in college, once after college, and now this recent one. Each time, i literally get to a point where i need to see a doctor, and make sure all blood work checks out. All they do is push pills, and quite frankly i get anxiety from taking anxiety meds (LOL!). I won't do it, except for xanax for extreme episodes. For me, they are not a racing heart....it starts off with extremely dry mouth, then i feel like i am going to throw up and i get completely disoriented...and this lasts alllllll day. Honestly the symptoms mimic diabetes, but i do not have that. This past week, it got so bad that i didn't sleep for 3 straight days and had to call off work....so this time a new symptom my mind chose to add was insomnia. Every time i go through this, i get extreme stomach problems from all the stress (acid reflux). I think it peaked last week, because it is starting to subside. Today was the first day i felt clear headed in 3 months. I was working out everyday, stopped smoking cigs....just really improving myself...then bam out of no where it hit. First once a week, then a few times, then all day everyday. I do not do drugs....idk i just don't want this to come back...will this hinder me my entire life???

  • Hi Vito! I have had similar experiences as yours. About 3 times with the extreme anxiety lasting about 2-3 months and it FEELS LIKE every second is an HOUR!!! Torture!! And how wonderful when it normalizes again!!

  • I have had it 3 times and I'm only 26....i just really hope this isn't a lifelong thing?? It is completely debilitating for 2-3 months. I'm normally such a laid back person, i just dont see how out of no where this can happen to me. I get life brings stress and traumatic events and times, so i get having a panic attack....but a 3 month long panic attack???

  • I just accept that it can happen again but I don't think about it much. Maybe it WON'T happen again, I always have hope. Right now I have enough meds to not let it happen this next time so that's a security blanket for me. But I so get it, 2-3 months for a panic attack is WAY too much. But it's not quite every minute, it's close.

  • Yes, I had enough meds too which helped me through the last 4 years without one....but out of nowhere it happened again, and the Xanax did not help this time. So that scares me even more. Today, I feel like myself again for the first time in almost 2 months. Do you have any idea as to why this happens to us? Have you talked to someone? I might see a psychologist just to help right now. I don't do drugs, I socially drink, I work out....I just don't get what triggers this and what makes it subside. That's what scares me.

  • Is it always the same time of year?

  • It happened twice during the Spring and once during the Fall...and again it lasts for like 2 straight months. 2012; 2013, and 2017

  • Do you have allergies? Inflammation is a HUGE factor in depression and anxiety. Google it up😉 It may not pertain to you, but inflammation is the focus right now in mental health.

  • No allergies...I've had full blood work done, nothing is wrong. I just don't get why it lasts for so long. I could live with getting a panic attack then moving on from it, but to have it 24/7 for an extended period of time is debilitating. I tried Lexapro and it made me even worse so I stopped that after 3 days. I hate pills so I do not want to try any. Again, it seems as if im coming out of it again, im just worried what triggers it and why for so long

  • So sorry! Thank Hod it is not 365 🙌🏻

  • Or 5000.

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