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Some tips for anxiety!

As promised, I'm posting what I do to help me through my anxiety, since as I mentioned in my previous post, I think I am in a place where I am getting better, and I feel like I should share how I have been getting better!

(Also, please note, I'm in high school so if some of this stuff seems a little juvenile that's why, and it might not be for everyone but I think that's a good thing, we all deal with anxiety differently!) Also, I've had anxiety issues for three years, since I was fourteen, and so I have tried a lot of stuff to deal with it but this is what has worked the best!

1. Music really, really helps:

I think music has helped me the most! When I'm having an anxiety attack I immediately put my earbuds in and turn up the music until it drowns out everything! If you are a big music lover too, here's some ideas: Bon Iver, Halsey, Troy Sivan, nature music, The Cranberries's song Linger. Also, jazz and rap works when I'm REALLY anxious - it's not calming per-see, but it's a great escape from the world!

2. Having strong faith helps, although it isn't for everyone:

I understand if you aren't religious, but this is one thing that really helps me. Going to church is where I feel safest.

3. my best friends:

My three best friends have been my crutch these past few months!! They're always there for me, and I'm always there for them since of course it's a two way street. I think one of the turning points has been when one of my besties texted me at two AM from New York City and told me to please let her be there for me. I cannot stress this enough - LET PEOPLE IN. It's been soooo hard for me to do that, since one of my reflexes has always been to eff things up to protect myself and "not care", but now i have these girls and I love them!!

4. Hobbies, specifically baking and art:

I don't know, something about being able to precisely measure stuff out is soothing. As far as art goes, I draw what I feel and IT HELPS LIKE A LOT

5. Exercise:

Exercising reaaaally helps, last week I swam laps in a pool and by the time I was done I felt SO GOOD.

6. This is dumb, but I usually carry around asprin with me for headaches


Like driving around and eating ice cream at one AM and trespassing to climb up roofs so we can take pictures in front of graffiti and going to concerts (even though crowds make me want to puke!!!!) - although I don't recommend the trespassing one!!! But really, do things that scare you. It's the only way to squash your fears!

8. Eat really healthy:

It honestly works. also, sleep more!!!

9. let yourself cry.

This was hard for me.

I'm getting better, and I know any day I could have another panic attack but I'm trying not to live in fear!! It's hard. But it will be ok.


ALSO, HAVING MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES IS NOT YOUR FAULT. I used to think I was stupid and it was my fault but IT'S NOT. TELL ANXIETY TO EFF IT.

Also, you guys can talk to me any time

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WOW girl!! I am impressed with your list!! AWESOME!! Fantastico!! Muy bueno!! Thanx for sharing!

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Thank you! Haha I just wanted to share what helps me in hopes that it could work for other people too :-)

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I am very sure it will help many people!


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