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So I got help from my depression and I took my second pill alone last night it's horrible. It makes me so sweaty and antsy I called the doctor and he sent me sleep medicine to go with it. However I think I took way too much last night bc I woke up dizzy sweaty blurred vision and feel like throwing up. I don't know what's wrong with me my treatment doesn't start til Tuesday but I feel like I'm not worth helping anymore

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  • Hi Naty, I'm sorry for your struggles.

    You are doing the right things letting your dr know about the side affects, sometimes it takes a while for our bodies to get used to new medications, initially it seems to be trial and error and contact with dr to check anything we aren't sure about..

    Hope things settle down soon for you. Your not alone

    I wish you all the best. 🌸🌸

  • what were you prescribed and for exactly what? Did you take time to read the information about each medication to understand the possible side effects to look out for? What sleep medicine were you given?

  • are you playing with your medication or what? May i know what meds you are on and your dose please?

  • I'm not on medication yet I have an appointment coming up to give me medicine I have been taking other stuff to overdose

  • you have been self medicating then why did you say the doctor gave you meds?

  • No he gave me samples for a pill they wanted me to try when I got evaluated but the therapist couldn't see me for a long time so I have been taking anything I find to overdose the pill sample they gave me is effexor

  • why would you "overdose" the pill sample you were given?

  • No ur not understanding I got a week worth of medication but each time I overdosed it was different medication for example sleeping pills or pain killers

  • why would you overdose on sleeping pills or pain medication?

  • Bc at that moment I just wanted to die and that's what I had why would you ask that?

  • you already seen a doctor, and he gave you medications to try to help deal with the depression. But instead of calling him to let you know if the medication was not working or give him some update, you instead opted to kill yourself? 🤔

    why did you go see the doctor in the first place? And what magic do you think the therapist can do for you if you refuse to even try to work with the doctor who at least gave you meds to start with?

  • I'm confused I went to the doctor and like I told you I got my medication til I can see psychiatrist i thought you were talking about my other post where I took painkillers and sleep medicine to overdose before I got help. Then I te read this post im not doing that now I did it before the eval

  • Ok. Thank goodness!

    i am on Effexor myself along with other meds of course. It works great for me and I live depression free every day as a result but i had to take charge of my mental health and get involved in making decisions about my treatment for that to happen.

    I already fired 4 Psychiatrists since 2017 alone because they wouldn't listen to me and didn't want to waste more of my time with doctors who don't care, but i still finagled my way into getting my meds taken care of by them.

    please stop talking of or thinking suicide. It ain't cool. Now you have got a chance at a better life, don't let anyone ruin it for you, not even yourself!

  • Lol you worried me too I am trying to keep the suicide thoughts away they still come back but I'm trying to get better

  • have you been to the ER? I am guessing you opted for the samples than try the ER, assuming you are in the US

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