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Effexor start up side effects


So my dr recently switched me from Zoloft to Effexor 37.5mg. I started taking it last week and within 3 days I could already tell I was starting to feel weirder (out of it yet anxious, headaches, lethargic, etc). Since I was also decreasing my Zoloft dose from 50mg to 25mg she also thought maybe it’s withdrawl from the Zoloft. I decided to stop the Effexor on my own to really see. For 3 days no Effexor, only Zoloft and my anxiety was bearable. Last night I decided to take the Effexor 37.5mg, 25mg Zoloft and 1/4 of Xanax 0.5mg at bedtime. Within 30mins I started to feel flush, spaced out, head-full with a headache. I feel asleep but 30 mins after that I woke up with a major panic attack that I thought I might have to call 911 for. Today I feel some nausea (still able to eat), off balance, headache, tired and spaced out like I’m in a dream. I messaged my dr and she said to stop the Effexor, go back on just Zoloft and we can maybe start Paxil in a week. Lately I feel like all we are doing is changing my meds. Do I need to give the Effexor more time and try and bear with the side effects? I’m just so lost and my dr seems to be as well, just want some advice.

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So do you think the Effexor caused those reactions? My dr just prescribed that to me today and I’m nervous about it...

For me yes! I immediately noticed a difference shorty after taking it. Everyone is different and you may have no side effects. If you have klonopin or Xanax it may help to take it with the Effexor at first. Try it out and see for yourself, everyone has a different experience.

My suggestion to you and to all is keep a record of what doses and the symptoms you had on the medications.

For me I ran into major issues with most medications and if you change doctors you will have a record. I have tried well over 30 different medications and frankly can not remember the names. There was a time I was so over medicated that it landed me in the hospital because I had no idea where I was.

I’ve been keeping a journal along with my symptoms

Xanax short term relief and highly addictive.I have taken prozac and many others drugs for anxienty the last 15 years.

However only xanax works better for me.I seen few doctors the last 15 years but now i stick to one doctor only.

Lately i trying CES therapy.I cut down my xanax intake from 1mg to 0.25mg.Its works better on and off. ( the last 4 months ).

I also doing deep breathing ( belly breathing ) and its helps my anxienty.Sometimes i sleep without pillows with belly breathing.Its helps also.

The CES machine and Xanax do help with combination of deep breathing.

Medication only help for a while but don't stop it suddenly.

I guess its dangerous to take two antidepressants that increase serotonin simultaneously . Should have tried one at a time .

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