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I have met a guy that is just like me and also in recovery. We talked for about an hour this evening​ and we were lock step. We related to everything we have gone through. It was so freeing. We are gonna talk a couple times a week. My wife gets it, therapist helps, buy neither one has felt the Doom and fear like we have. And we are so normal. Look normal, normal jobs, dress nice. But we fear the world. Crazy.

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Yes the world is crazy because of fear but let's not be afraid of what's crazy because we can relate. Sounds like you found someone special, "thumbs up"!


You are so on point with what you said there about therapists. That is why I rarely recommend them for anyone. I don't see the point in sitting talking to someone whose idea of my suffering comes only from a what he/she has read from a book or more.

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Glad you've found someone who can relate, 😊


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