Anxiety help for 12 year old girl!

My daughter is 12 and has been diagnosed with anxiety, ADHD combo. She has been on medicine since 1st grade. For the most part is is a Fantastic kid! I have recently started a competition cheer team with my fiend. My daughter did cheer for years and is now able to do it again. She is extremely talented and loves the sport. Recently when we go into the gym, she completely changes. She cannot control her behavior, doesn't listen, walks off, and doesn't want to participate in the things we are doing. I am out of ideas, I have tried to take her to the side and talk with her taking calm breathes and counting. She won't do it and tells me she is fine. I told her tonight that she will not be able to be on the team if she cannot change the way she acts there, she got very upset and cried for a long time. I am at a loss here! This is something she enjoys so much, how can I help her achieve her dream?

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  • why not take her back to the psychiatrist for further help? Treatment is never one off

  • Is she on her ADHD meds when she's at her cheering activities? My sons who are ADD & ADHD always had to be on their meds to concentrate on anything that mattered to them. No matter the time of day and how badly I wanted their body to be off their meds and to avoid the rebound at bedtime, they needed to take their meds for late in the day activities or there would be trouble. I know this isn't an ideal answer, but it's all I have to offer.

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