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A little about EBell,

I am hanging on day to day. Sometimes lately hour to hour. I find little joy in my life. I was a high functioning health pro and thrived on juggling all the balls in the air. Then one day I just couldn't! Luckily I have a supportive husband of 37 yrs. But, that too tested me. He was do with a CA a few yrs ago and it ripped me to my core. It was found after he woke up in middle of clinched his chest denied any symptoms. Next AM he thought I was crazy. But, I have helped so many others I needed to do the same at least for my husband. I nagged till al heart tests were done and thank God all neg. But, my Cardio friend Dr. Supported me with going further and hooking him up with PCP. He is a runner 30-40 miles a week all labs they screen for at work were great but one came back abnormally high. We were in for a fight! Just less than six months are outcome would not be what it is today! Bright and healthy. I made it thru thus far. My anxiety and depression had a strong hold before my husbands do and are same to worse now.

On top of it my Pyschiatrist moved this month after 12 yrs of support. We live in an already at capacity for mental health care for good doc's or even bad doc's.

Feeling lonely and confused and find it hard to get out of bed!

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Just wanted you to know I had read your post, and I'm sorry for your struggles.

You are not alone.

I wish you well 🌺🌺


It sounds like you are a strong person who might need to take some time to take care of you. You deserve to feel supported. Has your psychiatrist provided you with options for follow up? Most doctors will provide options or referrals when they leave a practice or move. It isn't responsible to leave a person without backup. They should be able to help you get follow up care without the hassle of "going to the back of the line" if you've been seeing someone for 12 yrs. they must have colleagues to which to refer their patients. Best wishes!


Hi. Just to say I'm sorry and thinking of you.

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