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Lack of Appetite: Thanks Anxiety

Hi I am here because I'm struggling with an eating disorder. Not anorexia or bulimia, in my opinion, based on medical definitions. My issue stems from a bout with H Pylori. I never considered myself fat, the most I weighed was 118 lbs and I'm 5'5" so that's normal. Then one day I got sick to my stomach with cramps and went from 118 pounds to 88 lbs. Talk about a shock. Everyday I felt on the verge of death. I could eat two small bites of anything and I was full. This phase turned into depression. The kind of depression that keeps you in your bed all day, because if I was going to die I was going to do it at home. Why would I want to leave just to hear people say "you are way too skinny". Especially when you're not trying to be. I didn't get help for my depression and anxiety until 6 years later. I was put into medication. 5 months later I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I gained 30 pounds during my pregnancy. Yay me!! I was up to a good weight. But when my little man was born I lost a lot of the weight. Which has now brought me to a current state of anxiety. Having no appetite! I can go a long time without eating and nothing sounds good. I'm to a point now where I have to work hard. I have a son to live for. He needs his mom, and I need help. How do I get through this, where do I begin? I'm a SAHM so I'm constantly in mom mode 24/7 and that means putting his needs before mine sometimes.

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Hi welcome. Well this could be an eating disorder or it could be anxiety. The only way you are going to get a firm diagnosis is to see your doctor and get help. Make that appointment.

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