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I'm new here and don't really know what I will accomplish from this. But here goes, I've had anxiety for about 10 years now, it runs in my family and it used to make me sick or become very angry and lash out at anyone near me. I didn't know my triggers and it just used to happen. But as of today, I've lost my job, trying to be the best parent to two energetic children, at the same time do my best at trying to be a supportive boyfriend to my girlfriend. It's just hard because my sleep is terrible now, I'm always tired, feeling random body pains on top of a terrible headache that messes with my concentration and the worries about those things just makes them worse.

The support/help/understanding I'm looking for is does anyone experience the sleep and pain problems with their anxiety? If so, how did you deal with them. I'm trying to get my health coverage back to see a doc but in the mean time I am on my own. Thanks for any input.

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Mplopez92, I am so sorry about your job.

I have experienced severe sleep issues from GAD and it is so dreadfully hard! It just clouds everthing! I can see where it could lead to pain issues as well. Anxiety alone can and lack of sleep does not help!

I hope you can get to a Dr. as soon as possible to get some relief, and simply check yourself over, and perhaps meds to help. In the mean time, could you try exercising (pref outside) everyday for at least 30 mins? Maybe take the kids for a walk? Bike ride? Burn off as much energy as possible.

Eat as healthy as possible. Avoid all caffeine, and find a breathing app. Keep coming back here to read other stories of hope and support!

You can get through this!



I try. When I wake up at 4 or 5 am I usually go for a walk around that time for about 30 mins to an hour. IDK what's up with my sleep. I'd like to go to a sleep study clinic but not sure what to do to get to one. I'll look up some meditation and breathing apps too. Thank you.

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