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Hi. I have been suffering from anxieties 6 years ago. Was put in medications tabs lexotanil.. . Then i felt better but am still sick. Sometimes i evn get anxiety attacks and muscle tension... Night mares almost every day. Sometimes i loose concentration completely, i evn experience thought blocks. Am a Nurse by proffesion and am really having hard time. I need advice. Thnx

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why not ask to be put on another medication? There are other medications got you to try.


I have GAD also. I do not take meds- but muddle through. Welcome. I do take GABA ( over the counter) which helps sometimes.


Hey there- glad you reached out! If you aren't feeling any relief from your symptoms I would encourage you to talk to your doctor about switching the medications. There are so many out there and many different combinations.

Another thing to try is self-talk to figure out what you need when you are feeling anxious. Do you have a friend or family member that you can call when you are nervous? Hope you start feeling better soon.


I am still kind of new to this website but reading your post I would feel you are not on the right medication or even dosage. I know being a nurse is extremely overwhelming. But also being a nurse is extremely rewarding and I am sure you do it well. Sounds like medications would be the issue?!


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