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I have dealt with anxiety all my life, in one form or another, but recently I've had a bout of anxiety that I'm trying to handle without a change in my medication. Currently I'm on 40mg of Celexa. Celexa has never been very good at managing my anxiety. I was placed on it as a teen for depression, which it did help. However, once I moved out on my own I realized that I had anxiety. My former therapist suggested I talk to my GP about switching to Prozac as that tends to help with anxiety better than Celexa. It did, and once I underwent some pretty extreme life events all at once (Started my masters program in January 2016, Grandfather passed Feb. 2016, had to put my dog down in April 2016, resigned from my old job in April 2016, moved across country from AZ to WA, and started a new job) I felt it was time to go back to Celexa because I hated the side effects I had on Prozac (increased stomach acid production, indigestion, increased perspiration ) and had to take omeprazole with it to manage the stomach acid issue.

Lately, I've been going through a bad episode of anxiety. It's been about 2 1/2 weeks now of about 20 anxiety attacks per day. I've thought about switching to a new med, but here's my thinking: I would eventually like to have a family. In order to be pregnant I would need to go off the meds anyway. And, when I go off the meds, I'm concerned that if I can't manage the anxiety without meds, I'll lose the baby due to stress. So, I've been trying to conquer this monster on my own with only the help of my new therapist and using past strategies I've used. They help some, but not a lot and not always. My anxiety is also leading to a major depressive episode because I feel so hopeless and helpless about the future (caused by my anxious thoughts) that I'm also spiraling downward into depression.

Anyway, I'm writing this post for advice from people who have lived it. Any suggestions?

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