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Hi im new...Combo of PTSD generalized anxiety disorder and severe depression

Hi I'm new,I just learned today I have a combo of things...I have PTSD,severe depression and generalized anxiety. How do I deal with that? That's alot to take in.

I don't sleep well,I don't eat well and ALWAYS worry about stupid things and make them into bigger things in my mind :/ .... anyone else like that

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I used to be just like you and I have all of your maladies. I've changed a little and have been under a psychiatrist's care and had a counselor for many years. Maybe you have, too. This care has made all the difference. I think I do pretty good about no longer worrying about things unless they are fairly big things, and even then not worrying overmuch. To that I can thank God to whom I give my major concerns to and trust him with. How wonderful to let him handle the outcomes of the big stuff and let myself off the hook!! And even the little stuff!! Why not??

So when I try to worry about things too small to worry about, I remind myself that I no longer need to do that and let go of the habit once again! Yay!! How freeing!! I just keep doing it and I get better and better each time. I must admit that I also have accepted medication for my depression and anxiety which has helped greatly. I wouldn't be where I am today without them. Sometimes they don't work so well and I have to tough it, and start something new, but it usually works to change the meds around and then I'm good to go for awhile again.

I hope you find something useful in these words telling you what has worked for me. I hope you're feeling good very soon!

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Thank you so much for the reply.

I am very new I just had my intake and diagnosis today,anxiety and depression I knew I had problems with but PTSD I never would have guessed at all . My dr says that's part of why I don't trust or like to be touched.

I never tried to get help before because I grew up in the "what's said in our house or happens in our house stays in our house and don't cry because it makes you weak"

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That's me especially right now at night when I have to be up early tomorrow and do stuff I'm scared of. I can't even get in bed too scared.


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