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Anxiety and agoraphobia

I was diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder 15 years ago, I've been on and off diff meds that entire time period.. I had my first child 7 years ago and suffered from ppd really bad but got back to normal

I had twins almost 3 years ago and the anxiety has been absolutely horrible. I won't even leave my house cause I feel so out of it or I am so scared something bad will happen..

I literally will not do anything if my husband does not go with me and this is taking a huge toll on our relationship

I tried therapy and I will stick with it for awhile then one day before therapy my anxiety for very bad and I ended up canceling a bunch of appts after that

I also have this huge fear of bridges I avoid them at all costs and it's just all starting to pile up and make me very depressed...

I am currently on celexa 40MG and my physiatrist just prescribed me trileptal at nights before bed because I do not sleep

I feel like not only myself but my children are missing out on things we could be doing together

Does anyone have any advice?

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I dont really have advise for you.but know your not alone as I feel the same as you.and been looking and researching for years.but right now its the worst I ever been to where I don't want to go anywhere without anyone cuz I panic if not.i can say of u can find someone in your area that does acupuncture to the ear I would try that for some relief.but other then that I'm in the same shoes.

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