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Exercise Helps Depression

I've had depression on and off for years (more on than off). I'd like to share what helps me feel better: yoga and qigong (an ancient Chinese healing exercise). YouTube has some great instructional videos on various forms of exercise. I know what it feels like to not want to get out of bed, but exercise really helps. A walk with nature feels great too. I'll always have this battle, but it's better and manageable now.

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Hi! I agree with you fully that exercise of any non-dangerous type is good to help manage anxiety and depression and that some days we may just not want to even get out of bed to do it.

I'm limited to walking now, but my dog and I take a walk of about 1.5 miles or so every morning even when I am ok and rather just get some more sleep.

To keep it from being boring I plan the night before what errands we can do by walking instead of taking the car...i.e. the dry cleaners, grocery store, pet store, etc. I am fortunate to live near a street that has a number of stores within a mile. Always feel better after the walk and having conversation with the people.

Two years ago, I would not have even walked the dog more than a block or two before heading home. Anxiety had me almost house bound.

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Having a dog to walk with is nice. I miss that. I had one years ago but can't now because I work too many hours. My family and I have been sticking with cats because they're more independent. I miss living within walking distance to stores, but am now a few miles from a nature center which I love.


The nature center sounds like beautiful place to walk....Scooter and I have to wait for six-8 lanes of traffic to stop at times before we can cross one the streets to get to his favorite places...the petco store, and Fresh Market (no kidding, he smells all around the area near the floor in several isles...he's trained not to do that, but have no idea what is/was there that enthralls him. :)

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