I'm okay...Thanks everyone

The fact of the matter is that I felt shunned. No one should feel like that especially since this Whole site is built to support. I'm not pointing fingers. But someone went to great lengths to delete my post and that's not all they delete. I care not to taint any more with my facts but just know the actions of someone in the HU corporation was wrong.

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  • I'm sorry you feel that way, but HU usually has a reason for moderating in the particular way they do. They're experts in site rules, and if they felt the need that someone had to go, chances are it violated something. I sincerely doubt that they had to go to great lengths or had any kind of personal issues with what you needed to say.

    So sorry that you feel shunned. Please hang around and keep posting on your recovery journal as you make your way. It's a great community here, and there are more good days than bad in my experience.

  • Wow! I am sad to hear about this. I wonder if someone OUTSIDE of the HU corporation and admin could delete your entry? Is that even possible? I have seen pranks before, that's why I wonder. And there's no way I can test that theory.

    I apologize to you that this deletion happened at all. It shouldn't have. I'm very sorry that someone very rude deleted your message and I know that had to have felt very bad when you needed to be understood. We failed you when we should have been helping you and I'm very sorry again.

  • I'm a volunteer and I had an issue in another group related to my diligence with everyone getting a reply. No one deleted my message but it got uncomfortable. The administrators are volunteers and we all have mental issues. Don't take it personally. You haven't been banned so apparently you are welcome. Shake it off.

  • Shake it off? As an ADAA volunteer you're saying "shake it off"? Don't they teach you guys empathy? I DESPISE being told to shake it off, or pull up your big girl pants, or any of the "how does it make you feel"! No, I'm not a volunteer. To hear a volunteer say that is actually a slap in the face to the mental illness system! BTW. I don't mean to hurt your feelings. If you truly suffer than you know.....you don't "shake it off ". You work through it! You accept it, you deal with things the best way possible. You try to find ways to cope.....blah, blah, blah......you know! Please, I beg you! Please don't tell anyone else to shake it off. You're doing more harm than good. To the owner of the original post. Ouch! That had to have hurt having you're post deleted! Try to hang in there! You're doing great! Keep talking.....it helps! Scream your story to the world! It helps me tremendously to talk. I also journal. Very hard to do but I've found it's very effective for me. Best of luck and God Bless!

  • Thank you

  • You are more than welcome! Try to hold your head high! You are worth the work that it takes!

  • Actually we're not taught anything. As a volunteer we're just regular old members who are picked because they saw something in us. No benefits or special skills. However, I have been private messaging back and forth with Imworried31 since the original post and I thought we were getting on well.

  • Why are you shaming this person for saying shake it off? Where do you come off saying this person doesn't have empathy? If they didn't have empathy they wouldn't be apart of this forum... If you need to say "I don't mean to hurt your feelings" you know you're being rude and not constructively giving criticism. I despise essentially being told to get over it and move on too but that pertains when I wake up and feel like killing myself for no particular reason other than I woke up. That's when shake it off is insensitive not when you're upset over your post being deleted. That is a situation in life you need to shake off. What can you do about it? Post your stuff again if you feel its necessary. Its not helping a person to worry and fret over a situation they really have no control over. It sucks and it sure is hard to accept but at the end of the day you can only control you!!!

  • How do you know that the person is NOT suicidal? How do you know that a post being deleted is NOT detrimental to this person? NEVER, EVER ASSUME thisor any other person ISN'T suicidal because that's not how you would feel.

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